Sunday, April 25, 2010

Danish Couple Attacked By Stag

Denmark is more dangerous than I suspected.
An unlucky middle-aged couple was run down by a large buck near the northern Zealand town of Hornbæk this weekend, reported Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

I've had moose around the property during winter on many occasions. In fact, a couple of years ago, my lovely but somewhat lacking in common sense Golden Retriever challenged one in the front driveway. She realized the contest was one sided when - after rolling over on her back in a submissive pose - it stomped her in the chest a few times. (Did you hear me screaming? If you live within fifty miles you might have.)

Anyway... The report doesn't say whether it was a deer, elk, or moose but my bet is on the latter. Fearless creatures and they can be very bad tempered. Always check before letting Fido out of the house when there is snow on the ground.

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