Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sex Ed, The Danish Way

I've been learning a lot about Denmark lately. Apparently, my imagination was not far from reality. From the Copenhagen Post:
Sex ed classes supplemented with orgasm info

Sexologists are traveling to 50 schools in Zealand to give lessons on love, orgasms and the best environment for sex in an effort to round out the sex education currently being provided by teachers.

As part of the ‘Young Hearts’ project, the seven sexologists will visit schools and act as guest lecturers for children as young as 12 to teach them about all aspects of sex, not just the birds and the bees.

‘There’s more to sex than anal sex and STDs. There’s pleasure, games and respect for your own and others’ boundaries. But students don’t know this as their parents don’t talk about sex. Teenagers are often abandoned to shy teachers’ scary pictures of unwanted pregnancies, the boasting of friends or to porn films,’ said sexologist Jenna Harragaard Christensen to Urban newspaper.

Christensen is acting as a guest lecturer at a number of the schools to try to dispel myths associated with sex by young students, saying that many boys she encounters are disappointed not to have ’20cm between their legs’. [ed. note: 20 cm is about 8 inches]
The question is: is Ms. Christensen disappointed?

Can't wait to visit and find out.

[Update: A friend asks if they're going to have group study sessions. At least he didn't make any jokes about lab demonstrations or student-teacher conferences.]

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