Saturday, April 24, 2010

Swedes Return Danish Magna Carta

It's interesting to see how the sporadic and heroic efforts to formalize individual rights has occurred in history. Most everyone is familiar with the English Magna Carta ("Great Charter"), which enshrined some limited rights in Britain centuries ago. But, Denmark had something similar, a 1241 AD document they call the Jyske Lov (or Codex Holmeinsis in Latin). Captured centuries ago by Sweden as war booty, the two countries are now making arrangements to have it returned to a Denmark museum.

Here's a taste:
With law shall land [i.e. the nation] be built. And if all men would keep what is theirs, and let others enjoy the same rights, there would be no need of law. [...] If the land had no law, then he would have the most who could grab the most.
Not a bad start. Since Obama seems so determined to turn America into Scandinavia, maybe someone could get him to read this.

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Ted Amadeus said...

DumB-O's Papist handlers have no interest in the rule of law.
They've long wanted America to be a third-world fascist hellhole like every other "Christian nation"s they've ran into the ground, and the fact the sock is black only further enables the sock-puppet manipulators: Any opposition, just play the "racist!!!" card...
Can you say "get out of responsibility FREE"?