Tuesday, June 1, 2010

al Qaeda #3 Whacked, So?

I wish I could be as pleased as others about whacking al Qaeda's number three ranked leader. Naturally, I'm thrilled that a long-standing terrorist got dusted, like any decent person would be. Still, maybe it's just a half-full glass kind of day for me but I can't help feeling this is far less, far later than it should be.

Eight and a half years after the attacks on New York and Washington and we're still playing whack a mole? Granted the mole in this case is larger and more important, but even so. Worse yet, from my perspective, is that we're still playing footsie with Pakistan over this. Worst of all, by far, Iran is not only untouched but the Feds are actively playing "Please, Mr. Capone, won't you kindly stop machine-gunning down quite so many of those hindering your operations?"

Far past time to let Elliot Ness take over the entire effort. Until then, my cup remaineth far from running over with joy.

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