Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Huge Dinosaur Bone Deposits Found

Rounding out a trio of odd news items, here's one about a huge dinosaur grave discovered in - of all places - Alberta, Canada.
The Vancouver Sun reports that the massive dinosaur bonebed is 1.43-square miles in size. Eberth says it contains thousands of bones belonging to the dinosaur Centrosaurus, which once lived near what is now the Saskatchewan border.
So, apparently, Africa is not the only place the overgrown lizards roamed in large numbers. (Yeah, I've heard about Montana.) Frankly I never understood the fascination with massive ancient reptiles - though I'm fond of the smaller, modern variety. I think I was the only kid around who never had dinosaur toys and didn't salivate at the prospect of visting the Natural History museum.

Still, to each his own.

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