Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brother, You Said It

"Were the tea partiers rabid left-wing professors instead of patriotic Americans, they would receive tenure and places of honor at highbrow luncheons. Were they veterans of UC Berkeley's Free Speech Movement, they would serve as nostalgic subjects for a Time retrospective.

Were Tea Partiers "demonizing" the American government in the deepest sense -- teaching the young to view the Founding Fathers with patronizing contempt and the documents they wrote as reactionary relics to be replaced by a "living Constitution" -- they would have jobs in the Obama administration."

- George Neumayr, From Woodstock to Civility Commissions, American Spectator, April 22

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Ted Amadeus said...

TEA Party is a neo-con joke: It won't last past the return of the borrow-and-spend-on-war party to relevance in Congress, and there is certainly little to nil impetus within same for anything approaching a revolution.
The boomer Johnny-Rebs who comprise its ranks have no intention of capsizing the boat that promises to deliver their "free" gubmint bread and circuses, appearances and rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding.