Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Snowe Job

Olympia Snowe has for years been the very quintessence of the RINO. Running true to form, she said of her support for the Dodd Fin-Reg bill:
To ensure we avoid another financial catastrophe such as the one that plunged our nation into the worst recession since the Great Depression, it is imperative that we implement an aggressive overhaul of the American financial regulatory system.

And this effort must include real and substantial consequences for those whose reckless actions caused the crisis in the first place while guaranteeing the transparency and accountability of taxpayer dollars.
So, we can expect to see Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Franklin Raines (CEO of Fannie Mae), and the rest of the long line of "those whose reckless actions caused the crisis" fired and in jail soon?

Don't bet on it. And don't bet on Sen. Snowe Job even mentioning the Federal Government's substantial role in creating the conditions that continue to plague us, a disease Dodd's bill doesn't even try to address.


Ken said...

"I have here in my hand a list of 535 names...." Where's Tailgunner Joe when he could actually do some good? ;-)

Ken said...

Actually, make it 550 names -- forgot about POTUS, VPOTUS (just because), Treasury, and the board of governors of the Fed.

Jeff Perren said...

Sorry Ken I don't quite get it. How did you arrive at the number? Are there now an extra 15 Congressmen, or what?

Ken said...

435 for the House, 100 for the Senate, 1 for the Prez, 1 for the VP, 1 for Turbo Tax Timmy, and 12 for the Fed.

VH said...

Hey, look at Peter Orzsag as a prime example...the man ushered the $862 billion "stimulus" bill and then pushes the travesty of ObamaCare; generations of Americans will be screwed but Petey gets to marry a pretty wife and gets a sweet high paying government gig after he leaves the White House. So, crime does pay after all.