Friday, July 9, 2010

The Other Shoe Drops

File this one under "predicting correctly all the time gets very tedious":
There's no better definition of government waste than the estimated $192 million President Obama is forcing cash-strapped state officials to spend on road signs touting his failed stimulus program.

Even so, with a critical congressional election coming in November, Americans will see a proliferation of these politically self-serving signs in coming months as Obama tries to convince voters who think his "Recovery Summer" is just an economic Potemkin village.
Just one more sign, pun intended, of the soft fascism that characterizes everything Obama does.

Not surprisingly, the hundreds of self-censored Pravdas out there are nowhere to be seen on this one.


kelleyn said...

Thanks, Jeff. We have one at our nearest cross street, and my husband--a traffic professional who has worked in signage for 20+ years--is flabbergasted by the thing. He points out that it impedes vision and adds to sign pollution while conveying no useful information.

Jeff Perren said...

Welcome to Shaving Leviathan, Kelleyn, and thanks for your comment.