Friday, July 16, 2010

Extending the BP Crisis

Never let a crisis go to waste, and it if looks like it may, extend it.
BP announced on Thursday evening that it had successfully capped the Deepwater Horizon oil well for the first time since April.
Although oil has stopped leaking into the ocean, [Obama] has urged Americans not to "get too far ahead of ourselves".
Translation: "I'm not through exploiting this crisis, which I helped to worsen in every way imaginable."

This guy makes Eeyore look like Pollyanna.

Update: Gov. Jindal of Louisiana takes the Federal Government to task for its slow, inept response at combating the spill and its fast, inept response in putting thousands out of work with a needless moratorium, then - after losing in court - doubling down on yet another.

So, my state joined a lawsuit against the moratorium. We pointed out that a majority of the experts the federal government consulted before the ban, including representatives from the National Academy of Engineering, have stated publicly that they do not agree with the six-month blanket moratorium.

The court sided with the people of Louisiana in this matter. Consider the judge's statements: that the federal moratorium would result in the loss of jobs and livelihoods, that the government's action "does not seem to be fact-specific" and that the "government's hair-splitting explanation abuses reason and common sense."

The entire article is well worth a read.

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