Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Obama's Sunny Fantasy" Published at PJM

I've just had an article published at Pajamas Media. I invite you all to read it, comment, and pass the word to everyone you know.

I'll be eternally grateful, or at least until I'm dead since – after the passage of ObamaCare – the odds of medical experts being able to thaw my frozen head and reattach it to an indestructible android body are now considerably less. [Thanks Jonah Goldberg for generating a great line to steal adapt.]

Here's how it begins...
Obama has now committed $2 billion more of the taxpayers’ money to pursue his solar energy fantasy...

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Jason_Pappas said...

Yes, I found it there the other day quite by accident (I haven't read PJM in a few months.) It was a pleasant surprise--see comment #18.

Of course, some of the comments focus on the technical debate at the expense of the wider political, ethical and epistemological issues. It's nice how you dealt with all these dimensions and came back to the core epistemological problem: subjectivism.

Nice historical touch, too! Subsidies of railroads, before they were economically feasible, lead to corruption and harm.

I think many of the readers aren’t yet ready for an integrated analysis of the issue. That's the legacy of Pragmatism and other anti-conceptual movements. They'll learn.