Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Shout Heard 'Round the World

Jay Nordlinger of NRO makes a very insightful comment:
Also, say that, back in the 2008 campaign, you had remarked, “If Obama becomes president, he will demand that NASA devote itself to making Muslims feel good about their contributions to science.” You would have been called the worst and wildest kind of right-winger.

This administration is simply beyond parody. Apologizing to Communist China for Arizona’s immigration laws; directing NASA to address itself to Muslim self-esteem . . . Unbelievable.
Brother, you said it. And add letting the thugish Black Panthers off the hook for illegal voter intimidation, just one more in a long line of what might appear as gaffes.

They're really not unforced errors, though. They're the natural and inevitable results of his adherence to Progressivism.

I have to give credit to Obama for one thing. He has a kind of integrity. For all his minor flip-flops in the name of political expedience, he keeps his eyes on the ball and pushes his basic agenda relentlessly, because he holds to his philosophy with rare consistency.

Still, you ain't seen nothin' yet, especially if Democrats retain a majority in Congress after November. Wait until the argument over immigration, further attempts to control the energy sector, and the final Federal takeover of the educational system really ramp up.

His aim - and this statement, too, will be regarded as wild, right-wing hyperbole - is nothing less than the establishment of a fascist state, with Pelosites permanently in charge.

What he and his cronies won't yet acknowledge, at least they haven't yet been caught saying it, is that a backlash is building. Whether it happens in November or later, it's on the way. Independents are moving away from the Democrats and toward Republicans. At the same time, the latter are having their feet held to the fire to avoid any repeat of the Bush years when they, too, forgot that the American people have rights to life, liberty, and property.

It's too soon to tell how big or how far the movement will go, but it won't stop after the election, no matter what the results.

The rallying cry of that revolt is something I read recently. I don't know the author and have no link but it went:

"We want all our freedom back, and we want it now!"

We won't get it all, and we certainly won't get it now. But big changes are on the way. The Revolution has begun and it's now 1770.


Ken said...

Hope you're right. Doesn't mean there won't be hard times ahead, but I'll sign on for it right now.

TheHolyDarkness said...
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TheHolyDarkness said...
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TheHolyDarkness said...

Amen brother. That's what I was thinking on NASA.

By the way, is there any way to contact you? I made be able to hook you up with a bigger political ammo cache.